The Journey of Kashif Rind, Agha Kaleem, and Shehroz Kashif from humble backgrounds to global recognition exemplifies resilience and determination.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, they have used their talent to excel in their fields and proudly represented Pakistan worldwide.

Agha Kaleem excels in kickboxing, Shehroz Kashif made headlines as the youngest person to summit K2 and the youngest Pakistani to conquer Mount Everest, and Shahzaib Rind holds the top spot as a Wushu fighter, boasting a combined record of 75-4 in Wushu and Kickboxing.

These individuals epitomize exceptional achievements and unwavering determination, each embodying a unique aspect of the national ethos.

One thing is common in their journeys is that they largely achieved their target through hard work, determination and last not the least self-training using their own resources.

The unfortunate reality is that Pakistani society has not supported them along the way; they achieved their success without sponsorship, financial support, facilities, or media coverage.

This type of latent talent is widespread throughout Pakistan, with many individuals like Kaleem, Shahzaib, and Shehroz residing in villages and streets. The pressing question remains: who will nurture this talent? While the government plays a significant role, the social sector cannot evade its obligation.

Every business holds a responsibility to foster growth, and myco, the online application platform, has embraced this responsibility.

This Tuesday, myco unveiled an extensive program aimed at supporting Pakistani heroes who have represented the nation on the global stage. A graceful signing ceremony held in myco’s Karachi office was attended by local media and people from different walks of life.

Support from brands like myco can play a pivotal role in nurturing athletes across Pakistan, fostering growth and advancement. By providing financial assistance, resources, and exposure, myco’s sponsorship empowers these individuals to pursue their dreams and excel in their respective sports. Furthermore, they amplify the visibility and prestige of these disciplines nationwide, inspiring more aspiring athletes to contribute to Pakistan’s sporting landscape.

myco’s initiative should be at the forefront of every Pakistani’s agenda. Instead of lamenting the darkness, each of us should ignite a beacon of hope. Will the public and private sectors embrace this responsibility like myco?