From Rats, Thefts And Bribes - What Is Going On At Karachi Airport?
Image Source: Karachi Airport

The Jinnah International Airport in Karachi is facing an increasing problem of thefts and pickpocketing in its lounges, waiting areas, and car parking. Yesterday, it was a rat infestation and stray dogs. Now it’s robberies. What is going on with Karachi’s airports and what’s next?

Visitors and travelers are falling victim to these incidents, but no arrests have been made so far which shows a lack of attention of authorities and also portrays a bad image of Pakistan and its leaders to the tourists and travelers. Have a look at this video uploaded by a user on Twitter who shares the same thoughts as the rest of the Pakistanis.


Since everyone is now on their own and there is no check and balance here are some ways you might fall prey to these robberies. One common method used by thieves is offering sweets and eatables to distract people before stealing their belongings.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has taken notice of this issue and has put up cautionary banners at various spots in the airport, urging people to be vigilant and take care of their belongings themselves. But was this a good enough plan of action to be taken? Or did this hinder Pakistan’s already dying image? Shouldn’t these robbers have been caught? Or shouldn’t the security have been increased? However, some people on Twitter criticized the CAA’s approach, arguing that the banners give a negative impression of the Jinnah International Airport. Have a look.

In summary, thefts and pickpocketing at the airport are a concerning issue, leading to cautionary measures being taken by the CAA, but the effectiveness of these measures has been questioned by some social media users.

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