The queen of catwalk, Frieha Altaf is often in the spotlight for the events she organizes.

However this time around, the model choreographer is making the rounds on social media for all the wrong reasons!

The fashionista has received immense backlash from social media enthusiasts, seems like Frieha Altaf decided she would continue judging people way off the catwalk and spoke about people and their airport looks.

The paparazzi are all over celebrities, looking out for the perfect airport look. The same does not apply to the general public, unfortunately, Frieha didn’t believe so and judged people on their travel looks, posting about it on her public account on Instagram.

The comments she made were downright rude and snobbish and ruffled quite a few people. resulting in severe backlash all over social media!

The pictures are taken at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

Frieha also criticised this man for wearing traditional attire to the airport.

In this picture, she uses “Don’t wear that!”


Here’s what she commented for the lady walking in front of her towards the aircraft.


“So it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a waistcoat on anybody. Except a Qawwal.”

Twitterattis took to Twitter to raise their voices against Frieha Altaf! 

Following the backlash, Frieha has now issued an apology for hurting sentiments.

She made it clear that she wasn’t invading anyones privacy!

However, Twitterverse is still not convinced with her statement!


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