For Immediate Release: [Karachi, Pakistan] —Fashion Pakistan Council is pleased to announce their annual Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW), to be held on 5th and 6h December 2020 at a beautiful, tropical garden. FPW 2020 in December will be a two-day intimate, exclusive affair aimed at highlighting fashion and design.

An outdoor luxury setting with a carefully curated guest list of attendees, FPW 2020 will present collections in a glamorous atmosphere, best suited to watch a designer’s craftsmanship and vision come to life. FPW 2020 will be embracing the new digital format utilized globally and the collections by live-streaming the show directly from the venue. In a post-COVID-19 environment, FPW 2020 will be following International Fashion week’s trends and SoP guidelines by restricting seating and traditional fashion week practices.

This year has taught the world the importance of community, support, and the power of donation. As a not for profit, Fashion Council Pakistan understands the critical role donors play in creating successful outcomes. In this spirit, FPW2020 will be donating a percentage of our proceeds to Special Olympics, Pakistan.

Fashion Pakistan Week was Pakistan’s first formal fashion showcase held in 2007 and has remained the premier platform for designers and retailers. We look forward to embracing a smaller, intimate format in 2020 with our exclusive guest list of press, bloggers, and celebrities. FPW 2020 desires to put fashion on the forefront with design and aesthetics being the star highlights.