Standing left to right : Noman Azhar - Chief Officer Zindigi, Andrea Nylund - City Innovation Lead at Oslo Business Region , Ari Horie - Founder & CEO Women’s Startup Lab, Musstanser Tinauli – CEO Fori Inc & CDO Hayk AS, Fabienne Durand – Director of Sales Emetrop’ France, Andre Eidskrem - CEO and Founder at Arctic Circle Data Center (ACDC), Nicoletta Lacobacci - Global Technology & Ethics Advisor Transmedia Visionary, Gianfranco Pizzuto - Founder and CEO Automobili Estrema , Ryan Jiang- DCP Marcum LLP , Maurizio Rossi, Richard Heggem - Enterprise Account Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Part of the globally acclaimed ‘Oslo Innovation Week’, the ‘Curate Tomorrow’ is a collaborative initiative, which has been set in motion to bring together key global stakeholders to create an action-driven mandate for reversing climate damage within the next 10 years. The aim is to implement scalable climate-focused technologies, policy, ideas, and tested best practices across regions for a global impact.

Noman Azhar, Chief Officer of Zindigi powered by JS Bank, a digital banking initiative that is working on empowerment of Gen Z & millennials has joined as a founding Board Member. Having seen the devastation of the recent floods in Pakistan, Azhar brought his on-ground analysis to fellow board-members, climate change global leaders and participants from across the globe. During the session, he also shared Zindigi’s social entrepreneurship called Z – prize that aims to engage 100+ universities across Pakistan and provide students with the opportunity to showcase their ideas for combating social challenges.

Speaking at the venue, Noman Azhar stated, “This team brings together people who want to do more than talk and rather lead by example in the fight against climate change. I commend Dr. Musstanser Tinauli (Chief Digital Officer Hayk AS) and his team for putting together a powerful group of people from across the world.”

Dr. Tinauli, stated, “Words are simply just not enough anymore. We have gathered out of the necessity of climate action. If not now, then when?” He further added, “It takes a village to raise a child, climate change is the child that needs our undivided attention.”

Another founding member, Maurizio Rossi, said, “Sustainability has to define its identity as a ‘domain’ to become a meaningful ‘driving force’ of a number of subsets of application areas under the same purpose. Impact exists only if several hundreds of millions of people are touched. Most of today’s initiatives are found from the supply side of the equation even if their aim is to change the world. Human needs and desires represent the demand side, the right angle to start”

The event was hosted in the beautiful space of NIO House in Norway being joined by the local community as well as delegates from Japan, USA, Europe, Pakistan. Furthermore, the most recent meeting of the Think Tank was held during Oslo Innovation Week, the largest event of its kind across Nordics. The week saw over 400 participants from more than 50 countries.