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In today’s fast-paced world, our smartphones have become indispensable companions. Our dependence on these technological marvels is evident, whether we’re using them for checking emails, streaming music, capturing memories or simply calling a friend. But what happens if the iPhones battery runs out quicker than you can drink your coffee in the morning? Well, don’t be alarmed! We’ll go over the most useful tips on how you can save your precious iPhones battery yourself.

Evolution Of Apple Batteries

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Over the years, Apple has continuously advanced the iPhone’s battery technology. They’ve pushed the envelope with every new model, increasing efficiency and capacity. Even if we look at older models from not too long ago, for example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max‘s incredible battery life enables users to navigate city streets or binge-watch their favorite shows without having to continually worry about the battery percentage.

Ex-Employee Reveals IPhones Battery Trade Secrets!

Its no surprise, tech giants like Apple, tend to hide information that might give the user a chance to extend their device’s service life. They rely on a customer to splurge money on their devices on a yearly basis to get the latest and greatest tech out there. But we’ve managed to find an individual who had been working for the tech giant themselves and is here to spill the beans.

Tyler Morgan Apple
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Mr. Tyler Morgan is an ex-employee of Apple and he has been all the rave lately at his TikTok account, where he posted ways on how you can extend your device’s battery health. Here’s what we’ve learned from his videos:

1. Hidden Culprits

Your iPhone may have some unwanted guests (apps) that are running in the background. We usually don’t notice them since we’re too busy playing candy crush or just scrolling Facebook. Make sure to clear them by swiping up and closing them running in the background. But the biggest revelation from Tyler reveals that there are certain apps that run even if YOU CLOSE THEM. They have background processes that tend to drain your battery, make sure to identify and disable them.

2. Completely Charging Your IPhone

Do you have a tendency to charge your iPhone completely? Don’t you just love it when that 100 appears on the top-right? Well, according to the ex-employee you might be doing more harm than good. It is advised to not charge your iPhone completely to a 100%. Instead he recommend going to your settings and enabling charging optimization. This will charge your mobile only up-to 80%. Resulting in more life-cycles for the battery. It has been implemented by other devices as well for quite some time now.

3. Making Compromises

Mr. Tyler also recommends parting with your best digital friend, Siri, who hasn’t been too friendly with your iPhones battery it seems. He also advises keeping your brightness at an All-Time Low unless necessary, since your display drains the most of your battery life. Not only this, he claimed that turning the Bluetooth off would show an improvement as well.

Although this might not provide you with the BEST smartphone experience, but it will surely ensure the longevity of your beloved device, ensuring it lasts you another wonderful year. Don’t worry if you don’t find his full video on his TikTok account, we’ve observed he tends to archive the video to avoid all the attention.

Stay tuned for more tech tips like these; this is your soon-to-be favorite friendly neighborhood techie Zayaan, Signing Off!

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