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Netflix is renowned for its critically acclaimed original programming and true-crime documentaries. However, the streaming service’s selection of game shows is similarly amazing if you’re in the mood for something a little different. Watching a bunch of very brilliant competitors compete fiercely for a sizable financial award is strangely rewarding. These episodes are chock-full of suspenseful situations and unexpected turns that will have you on the edge of your seat. The top gaming shows available on Netflix right now are listed below.

1. Blown Away

Although the show’s name may sound like a corny romantic comedy, it really follows a group of professional glass artisans as they battle for a monetary reward (plus an artist residency at the Corning Museum of Glass). One of the most tranquil and captivating sights you’ll ever see is watching the glassblowers at work.

2. The Floor Is Lava

When you and your buddies used to leap across furniture and act like the floor was lava, do you remember those simpler times? That is the idea of this magnificent performance. The participants are negotiating obstacle courses in this instance, though. Whoever perseveres until the finish will earn $10,000.

3. The Circle

The Circle is a fantastic show if you like Catfish. Online competitors fight to earn $100,000 by being the top influencer on a social media site in this competition program and social experiment. There is obviously a lot of catfishing going on.

4. Ultimate BeastMaster

Ultimate Beastmaster follows 18 participants from six different nations as they navigate a series of challenging obstacle courses known as “The Beast,” which is arguably one of the most unusual competition programs you’ll ever watch. Each episode’s victor is dubbed the Beastmaster and invited to the finals, where contestants vie for the title of Ultimate Beastmaster.

5. Flinch

How long can you maintain composure in the face of threatening or unpleasant circumstances? By putting each candidate through a series of challenging situations, this reality show specifically aims to answer that query. And if they do, they’ll have to deal with some unfavorable repercussions.

6. Bullsh*t the Game Show

One competitor can offer incorrect answers and yet win the top prize on this particular trivia game show. The only problem is to avoid being exposed; they must put on their finest poker face and boldly lie.

7. Is it Cake?

You’ve certainly seen the viral movies of common things, like books, that first look realistic before a random knife appears and slashes the book in two to show that it’s actually a cake. You may see a lot of creative inventions like these on this reality show. The goal is for talented bakers to deceive renowned judges into believing that their cake is something completely different.

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