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Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30 Asia list for 2024 has unveiled a remarkable group of young Pakistanis who are making waves across various industries. These pioneers have not only achieved success but have also become symbols of inspiration for the next generation. Let’s delve into their stories, their achievements, and the challenges they’ve overcome.

1. Sarkhail Shahid Bawany – ABHI

Sarkhail Shahid Bawany ABHI
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Sarkhail Shahid Bawany, Head of Product at ABHI, has revolutionized emergency cash access for workers. ABHI empowers employees to withdraw a percentage of their salary before their next paycheck, providing a lifeline during financial emergencies. ABHI’s project has expanded beyond Pakistan, reaching other Middle Eastern countries and even Bangladesh! Sarkhail’s commitment to financial inclusion and innovation is no doubt truly commendable.

2. Adeel Abid | Aizaz Nayyer | Ali Raza – Linkstar

Linkstar Trio for Forbes
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These co-founders/ trio of Linkstar, a Karachi-based platform, empower freelancers by creating free portfolio websites for them! And over time, freelancers have the option to upgrade their portfolios using advanced functionalities provided by Linkstar themselves. Their hard work has truly paid off, specially in a market such as Pakistan, where there’s an abundance of freelances. To this day, Linkstar continues to uplift young talent across the Middle East and North Africa regions.

3. Aleena Nadeem – EduFi

Aleena Nadeem Forbes 30 under 30
Image Source: ICMR

Aleena Nadeem’s Lahore-based startup, EduFi, operates on the motto “Study Now, Pay Later.” and its pretty self-explanatory. EduFi partners with 27 Pakistani colleges to help students fund their education. The company pays tuition fees for approved students after an approval process of-course, who then repay the loan on a monthly basis while studying at their convenience! EduFi bridges the gap between education and financial accessibility, ensuring more Pakistanis can pursue higher education.

4. Kasra Zunnaiyer – Trukkr

Kasra Zunaiyyer - Trukkr
Image Source: LinkedIn

As the co-founder and CTO of Trukkr, Kasra Zunnaiyyer has developed a management platform for Pakistan’s logistics sector. Trukkr allows users to obtain financing, track fleets, and connect with customers. Trukkr’s digital services have caught the attention of global investors, positioning it as a game-changer in the logistics industry.

5. Bushra Sultan – Artist

Bushra Sultan Forbes List
Image Source: Instagram

Bushra Sultan, a Lahore-based filmmaker, production designer, and creative director, uses her art to challenge societal norms. Her work in fashion and beauty has garnered attention, and she continues to break barriers. As the only Pakistani artist in her category, Bushra’s recognition on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list is a testament to her talent and resilience. Goes to show you, anyone can make it to the list if they try hard enough!

The Real Struggles & Unseen Journey

While celebrating these achievements, it’s essential to address the criticism. Some argue that these successful individuals come from privileged backgrounds and haven’t faced the real struggles. However, their determination, creativity, and hard work cannot be overlooked. Each of them has overcome obstacles, and their stories inspire countless others to dream big. They might’ve gotten the push-start we all dream of getting but, one thing’s for sure their determination alone is what made them this far.

The Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2024 list showcases Pakistan’s potential and resilience. These young leaders are not just making headlines; they’re shaping the future. Let’s celebrate their accomplishments and encourage more young Pakistanis to aim for excellence.

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