The logistics-as-a-service solution targets businesses, using its community of more than 20,000 riders for deliveries

Pakistan’s largest and most reliable food delivery platform, foodpanda, has launched its on Demand Rider Service for businesses in Pakistan, which will be available in more than 40 cities nationwide.

Introduced as ‘pandago’, this service will enable vendors to request a rider on demand, through the website. The service is available to all businesses, regardless of whether they are listed on the foodpanda platform.

Possessing a fleet of more than 20,000 riders, this service ensures an average delivery time of less than 25 minutes for each order. Businesses requiring package-delivery services will now be able to request a rider via a pandago account on a pay-per-use basis. The service’s delivery fees are distance-based, charged over a base fee of PKR 65.

With no additional onboarding and commission fees, the service can also be used as an “emergency” solution for businesses with existing delivery capacities during a surge in demand.

With foodpanda’s strong logistical network in place, pandago will allow vendors to focus on growing their business, catering to a larger customer base while ensuring seamless deliveries. Every customer who signs up to the service, will have access to a real time tracking system that will help them manage their transactions and ensure transparency.

The process has been kept very simple and easy-to-use for vendor’s convenience.  As soon as a vendor receives an order via any channel, they can request for a rider on pandago. While they focus on preparing their order, foodpanda’s rider will arrive to collect and deliver it to the customer’s pin location.

Muntaqa Peracha, Director Commercials stated, “With the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have begun to change the way they shop. Speed and convenience is becoming more important than ever before. Over the years we have worked towards bringing accessibility, value and variety to customers through our network. With pandago, vendors can sign up and leverage our delivery network to reach a large customer base, ensuring hassle free deliveries.”

Raafay Munir, Head of New Verticals added, “The launch of pandago aims to solve logistical challenges, for businesses of all sizes particularly small ones, so that they can focus solely on their core business strengths and operations. Businesses can now request a rider whenever the need arises against a base fee of PKR 65, irrespective of whether they are listed on foodpanda’s platform or not. With our logistical expertise as a leading Q-Commerce company, each rider ensures that the package is delivered safely and timely with vendors having the option to track every delivery real-time.”