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You might think about taking a pillow, a coffee mug, or maybe a blanket from a flight as a keepsake. But did you know some people go a step further and swipe life jackets? Yep, life jackets! And it’s not just for safety reasons; some do it for the latest trend or as a memento.

Ibiza’s Bizarre Fashion Craze

Imagine this: passengers stealing life jackets from under their seats to join an odd fashion craze in Ibiza’s club scene. A flight attendant, who chose to keep their identity secret, shared an unbelievable incident on a flight from London to Ibiza a few years ago. It turns out, it was “in” to wear a life jacket from the plane to gain free entry into Ibiza’s ritzy nightclubs.

Theft from planes: Passengers are stealing pillows, blankets, cups and life jackets
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This peculiar trend caused chaos. When the plane landed, the crew discovered half of the life jackets were missing. The captain was livid! The passengers were held back on the bus while the crew searched the entire aircraft. Luckily, they recovered the stolen life jackets, but it became a routine to check them after landing and before taking off from Ibiza.

Safety First

Stealing these safety items is no joke. Short-haul flights usually carry just about 20 extra life jackets, apart from those for the crew. That’s a tiny number if something went wrong. A different flight attendant highlighted the rush between flights, where they had only minutes to clean, check safety equipment, and make sure no belongings were left behind. Imagine adding ‘check life jackets’ to this frantic routine!

Items Stolen Aboard Airplanes From Airlines? - The Gate
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It’s not just life jackets; some passengers take pillows, blankets, and even metal cutlery from First Class! While some collect airsickness bags as souvenirs, others go for salt and pepper shakers. But here’s the deal: taking these items might seem harmless, but it can cause serious problems.

Impact on Flight Operations

If enough life jackets go missing, a flight might be delayed or canceled. Regulations mandate a minimum amount of emergency equipment, including a life jacket for each passenger. If they’re short, the flight won’t take off.

So, next time you’re on a flight, remember that taking something as a souvenir might seem harmless, but it could impact everyone’s safety. It’s essential to respect airline property and understand the consequences of taking items that are meant for emergencies. After all, safety first, even in the skies!

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