Fiza Ali

Popular actress Fiza Ali found herself in the spotlight after sharing a video of herself pulling off her Micheal Jackson moves.

Pakistani model, actress, and entertainer Fiza Ali stirred up a social media storm when she posted a dance video on her Instagram account. The video featured Fiza gracefully performing signature Michael Jackson dance moves to a captivating musical. It caught the eye of both her admirers and haters, causing discussions across various social media platforms.

We see Fiza rocking a casual western outfit, baggy jeans, and a black top paired with a hat. Fiza stands with confidence as she expresses herself in her dance and shares it with the world. While many of Fiza’s fans applauded her for her moves and groove, others disagreed. They were quick to point out that the video was an extremely inappropriate display of contemporary dance moves.

Many believed that it was an indication of Fiza’s separation from her own culture and traditional Pakistani values.

Netizens Reaction to Fiza Ali Dancing

Here are some mixed opinions we caught in Fiza Ali’s comment section:

fiza ali dancing

As she was trolled, most comments came up with the narrative that this is how most people react after buying new clothes and showing them off to their best friend. Which is so true, this is exactly how it’s done!

Others had a good laugh at the dance video. Assuming that it was a light-hearted joke and nothing serious. Though most comments point towards negativity, plenty of fans were quick to defend their favorite. Encouraging her to continue being herself, and proudly being expressive.

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