5 Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Without Any Hassle
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If you like makeup, then chances are, you own multiple makeup brushes to make your application smoother and flawless. But do you face the hassle of cleaning them every once in a while and have no idea what to do? Or are you tempted to buy one of those fancy cleaning tools so that you can make the process easier?

Well, do not worry because today, I’m sharing some hacks which will help you clean your brushes with minimal effort. But before we do that, let’s take a look at why you should be cleaning your brushes quite often.

How Often Should You Clean Your Brushes?

Well, as often as you use them. Even if you have your makeup brushes enclosed in a case miles away from the dirt, there is already so much bacteria and oil that tends to accumulate on it. That bacteria can often cause skin problems, including acne, which is not so welcoming. According to dermatologists, you should clean your brushes every 7-10 days. But sometimes it becomes a little bit difficult.

So, make sure to clean the brushes for liquid products often, which is once a week, and the brushes for powder and shadows every two weeks.

1. Use Makeup Wipes 

Since makeup wipes have now become outdated to be used on the fave thanks to the beloved oil cleansers, use these makeup wipes to clean your brushes to remove the leftover makeup after every use. This will lower the chances of dirt and bacteria accumulation and will allow you extra time between washes.

5 Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Without Any Hassle
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2. Use A Dishwash Or Facewash Liquid 

Do not be alarmed with the word dishwasher liquid since it is a wash-off product, and it should not cause you any problem as long as you are rinsing the brushes properly. Just foam up the liquid on your hands, rub the brushes between your knuckles, repeat, and voila!

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3. Give Them A Bath

If you have some extra time, block that big tub of yours to give your brushes a warm bath. Mix some soap in the water and leave your brushes for an hour or so. This will melt off all the stubborn makeup from the brushes, making it easier for you to clean them off.

5 Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Without Any Hassle
Image source: http://www.minibeautylife.com/

4. Buy a Brush Cleaning Pad 

A brush cleaning pad is an easy to use and cheap tool if you do not want your hands to get irritated from all the rubbing. The ditches and spikes help clean each brush’s fiber while removing all the build-up makeup inside the brushes.

5 Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Without Any Hassle
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5. Baby Shampoo

A straightforward way to clean up your makeup brushes is to dip them in a glass of baby shampoo for about 30 minutes. Rinse them with warm followed by cool water and pat dry. However, this can be used for only those relatively clean brushes and do not have much product buildup.

Image source: http://www.minibeautylife.com/

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