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Traveling gets pretty daunting when you are on it all by yourself. And certain obstinate travel myths that are too rigidly stuck within our heads always make us contemplate whether we should be traveling or not. Well, it’s about time we let go of these travel myths and enjoy our trips unapologetically.

Five Travel Myths You Must Stop Believing In

Here is a list of five travel myths that you must stop believing in, right away:

1. Traveling will cost you a fortune

Five Travel Myths You Must Stop Believing In
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Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but ‘fortunately,’ if you plan your trip wisely, you can avoid spending a lot of bucks. For example, airfares keep fluctuating throughout the year according to, for instance, holiday seasons or vacation periods. Choosing an off-peak season for traveling can significantly cut down your travel costs. Hence, if you plan your trip intelligently, traveling won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

2. Travel sites have the best deals to offer

Five Travel Myths You Must Stop Believing In

Sadly enough, no, they don’t! Making hotel reservations or booking transport for commuting purposes through a third party is convenient, but it is not the best bid for you. Travel agents fool us into thinking that they have got the best deals for us.

However, if you try contacting the hotels directly through the contact information they have provided on their websites, you will find a real bargain. So do your research and avoid getting manipulated by travel sites.

3. Locals are the best guides

Five Things You Must Stop Believing In When Traveling
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The natives might know a lot, but they do not everything! They may appropriately suggest the best place to shop at or a must-have food item, but you should never expect them to know everything about the sight that you wish to visit. They might also misguide you to give you the impression that they do know everything. But that’s precisely impractical. If you really need some information, its best to ask other tourists to guide you because they would have probably researched extensively, prior to their visit.

4. English works anywhere and everywhere

Although English is a widely spoken language, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will help you no matter where you travel. As a traveler, it is always wiser to know a few conversational phrases from the local language. It helps in bargaining when you shop at a flea market or travel through public transport. It also helps in bonding with the locals while exploring their culture.

5. Exchanging currency at the airport is a smart choice

Five Travel Myths You Must Stop Believing In
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For God’s sake! Getting your money exchanged at the airport is not a wise choice. It’s an absolute no-no. Airports should be your last option to get the money exchanged. Airports offer terrible exchange rates and try maximizing their profit by charging more. The best bid for you is to get the money exchanged from a local bank, an ATM, or the local currency exchanging shops in town.

So, are you ready to give up on these stern travel myths and have a positive travel experience? Have you packed your bags already? Lets us know in the comment section below!

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