5 Things You Must Never Say To A Cancerian
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Cancer is one of the three water signs in the zodiac, placed between 21st June and 22nd July. Cancer is a cardinal sign which means that it wears its oblivious and enkindling heart on its sleeve. If you have a Cancerian in your life, you might know well about what to and what not to say in front of them. However, if you have recently come across one, then there are certain things you must never say to a Cancerian. 

1. Can I Borrow This?

No, you cannot. We might be generous, but when it comes to our personal belongings, we are over-protective, including our loved ones and so on. And no, we are not selfish. We know that you won’t take care of whatever it is as well as we do. And honestly, we don’t trust everyone to return those belongings to us either.

2. I Need Space 

Telling a Cancerian that you need space might make them feel as if they are clingy, and this is something you must never tell cancer. We can be overwhelmed with the amount of love and affection we want to shower on you, and likewise, we would like to be pampered, but this is because we need the constant assurance of their importance in your life.

5 Things You Must Never Say To A Cancerian
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3. Why So Shy?

We might come across as shy, but most of the time, we want to be indulged in the surrounding so that we can make the most of it. Also, we love day-dreaming;)

4. Stop Being A Homebody

We love our homes, and we would spend time with our family over anything else. However, that does not stop us from failing to launch. Many of us spread our wings, go on adventures worldwide, and take full-time jobs far away.

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5. Anything Uncomfortable 

There is nothing we hate more than being put in a place of discomfort. If you cater to us and love us, and we will make sure to return the favor.

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