5 Reasons Why Red Meat Should Be Consumed Less
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Balance is key to everything, especially to good health, but with the onset of Eid-ul-Adha, the balance goes, and we tend to indulge in a lot of meat instead of keeping a check on our diet. However, the imbalance is not the only reason you should check your meat consumption. There are a lot of reasons why red meat should be consumed less. Take a look at some of the below.

1. Reduced Life Span

Studies show that people who indulge in a lot of red meat tend to have shorter life spans. Add in some unhealthy lifestyle practices—particularly obesity (or even mildly overweight); smoking; physical inactivity; and heavy alcohol consumption, and the stakes become even high.

Red Meat
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2. Heart Diseases 

Red meat contains a high proportion of cholesterol and saturated fats than white meat. Both cholesterol and saturated fats can contribute to increased blood cholesterol levels which can result in heart diseases. Research shows that high cholesterol foods lead to the production of trimethylamine N-Oxide (TMAO). This compound is associates with arterial blood clots, which can cause heart attacks and strokes.

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3. Diabetes 

According to a study, the incidence of Type-2 diabetes was high in patients who ate red meat than those who had a balance proportion of meat in the diet. The major linking factor is thought to be obesity which is the most risk factor for diabetes.

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4. Read Meat Can Cause Inflammation

Since red meat is full of compounds, like saturated fat and iron, they can promote inflammation in the body. However, the process is gradual and sometimes asymptomatic, yet a steady buildup over the years can contribute to heart diseases, stroke and arthritis.

Red Meat
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5. Global Warming 

Livestock contributes about 11% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. This is about one-third of the emissions from the agriculture sector. Resources like water and soil deplete to raise animals. Animal waste can also pollute rivers and streams. Fast-food chains are among the most critical contributing factors since thousands of animals are killed and raised per annum for the sake of food and, and the cycle continues.

Image source: https://www.gq.com/

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