5 Places To Find The Most Delicious Kulfi In Karachi
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Kulfi is one of the most famous and traditional desserts we can ever think of. Despite brands coming out with different ice cream flavors and styles, kulfi remains one of the most iconic frozen desserts on the menu. Not to mention that it has maintained its class and space for being the most commonly served frozen item on several occasions, be it wedding ceremonies or social events.

This traditional Indian frozen dessert is enough to cool you down on a hot, humid day. So, today, we are doing around all the places where you can find the best kulfi, the next time you crave one.

1. Ice Berg 

If you love ice cream, then you must know the OG of ice creams in Karachi. Iceberg is one of the oldest ice creams spots in Karachi, known for its variety of flavours. Not just ice cream, they also serve kulfi in various assortments, which can be customised on the spot. The creamy kulfi is full of flavour and high quality yet priced so low that you might want to visit every week.

Location: Saddar and Bukhari Commercial Area DHA

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2. Rehmat-e-Shireen

Rehmat-e-Shireen does not need any introduction. Our all-time favourite bakery is known for serving one of the best kulfis in town. The kulfi is served fresh topped with nuts and floating in a pool of thick falooda vermicelli. A single-serving is enough to satisfy all your kulfi cravings.

Location: Tariq road

Delicious Kulfi
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3. BBQ Tonight 

If you have been visiting BBQ tonight but haven’t tried their kulfi yet, then you are missing out. The kulfi is delicious enough to be enjoyed on its own without the need for nuts or vermicelli. So, the next time you head out, don’t forget to check the dessert menu.

Location: Clifton

Delicious Kulfi
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4. Qasr-e-Shireen 

Another go-to place where you can find the delicious kulfi is Qasr-e-Shireen. They serve one of the most wholesome kulfi servings topped with vermicelli and lots of jelly. So, if you like your dessert, extra sweet and heavy Qasr-e-Shireen is your best option from the list.

Location: Pechs and DHA

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5. Ye-Lo

A relatively new name in the town, they serve one of Karachi’s most delicious and economical kulfis. They offer kulfi in three different flavours, including Plain, Almond, and Pistachio flavours. Their stalls are located in more than 10 locations, including petrol pumps. The next time you are making a pit stop at petrol pumps, look out for this vibrant kulfi stall.

Location: Lucky one mall, Karachi club, Fibbi

Image source: facebook.com

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