5 Places To Find The Most Delicious Haleem in Karachi
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So, Haleem is not just a blend of ingredients. It is an amalgamation of the beautiful aroma and irresistible taste. The history of Haleem goes back as far as the era of the sixth Nizam, Mahbub Ali Khan. Haleem originates as an Arabic dish with meat and wheat as its core components. If you crave a delicious haleem plate with side condiments and a tangy topping of Masala, these food joints are bound to fulfill all your cravings.

If you like haleem, then you must try these restaurants in Karachi for the perfect blend and taste.

1. Karachi Haleem

With the opening of their new location in Defence Karachi, Karachi haleem is undoubtedly one of the most favorite places for haleem lovers. Light on both your pocket and stomach have the perfect balance of spices with sides to add extra oomph.

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2. Haleem Centre

As the name suggests, they make the best Haleem in K-town. An Indian-style thali, categorized into the condiments of coriander, lemons, ginger, chaat masala, and green chilies, is served along with the big bowl of delicious Haleem. In case you are not sure, Haleem center is the perfect place to fulfill your cravings for haleem.

5 Places To Find The Most Delicious Haleem in Karachi
Image source: https://www.chefbear.net/

3. Karachi Foods

No Karachiite is a stranger to Karachi foods because they have garnered a name for themselves with their extensive menu, which comprises delicious haleem, biryani, and much more, which are also a light on the pocket. However, it would be best to try the haleem, which is one of the best on their menu.

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4. Mazedar Haleem

They are one of the oldest in town yet provide with the yummiest and spiciest Haleem in K-town. If you are looking for a vendor to get Haleem for your next dawat, then Mazedaar Haleem is the perfect option for you.

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5. Darbar Haleem

Darbar Haleem offers the best Hyderabadi Haleem in town with a perfect blend of spices and sides. Topped with extra oil, some coriander leaves, ginger, lemon juice, Darbar Haleem will keep you hooked.

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