first media university in Islamabad
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Every flourishing nation requires one prime ingredient in its success. Yes, we are referring to education here. If there is none in a place, it is possible that people may not move forward as fast.

Technological advancements are being done with every passing day. We have to make sure that we stay caught up. This is so we make advancements of our own. In light of education, there is a new university opening in Islamabad. It is said to be the first Media University of Pakistan.

While some universities focus on media sciences, this one will be purely working on the media sciences. They intend to introduce a lot of new stuff to the curriculum. Additionally, it will allow better work opportunities too. Federal Information Minister, Fawad Chaudhry, was the person to let us know of this news.

He recently announced that an old building in Islamabad is being converted for this purpose. The building itself cost a hefty amount to build. It was sitting as an abandoned hotel for a while now. A hotel that never came into operation after construction was finished.

media university opening in Islamabad
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University Building

The minister has also announced that the faculty for the university is going to be carefully chosen. Many of the teachers are said to be coming to Pakistan from Britain. An international faculty can gain a lot of points to Pakistan. It promotes friendship. Teachers, willing to come and teach, means more recognition for Pakistan. Additionally, these teachers can help university students in applying abroad. That would be after their bachelors.

The program is also going to introduce the latest technology being used across the globe. This means that there is a huge chance that telecommunication will be a part of it. 6G technologies have become known to people now and will hit the market soon. Pakistan wants to make sure they don’t lag when the world begins to leap ahead. The 52-room hotel will be operating under a public-private university.

Education Progressing

The minister also added that three new areas of education will be entering Pakistan with this university. These are the areas of Animation, Sound and Lighting. These can be critical factors for someone in the field of media and are useful areas of learning. No profession in the world can be considered a mediocre one. This one is certainly no different. It is sure to attract a large audience in Pakistan. It will also help in polishing the skills of passionate students.

We hope that this development helps Pakistan is rising high. Despite the dire pandemic situation in the world, it is good to see that education is not slowing down. The government is making an effort to make sure talent does not stay hidden. Let us see what programs the university offers once it officially launches. There could a lot of areas where they can offer programs. It does not only have to stay till media and can extend to other domains too.

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