TikTok marked the end of the year with a celebration of community, creativity, and self-expression at its Year on TikTok 2022 event, which was an immersive spectacle held in Lahore. The event was an immersive real-life spectacle, where TikTok celebrated its Pakistani creator community, top videos, and trends of the year with the end-of-year Creator Awards and exciting performances.

On TikTok, creators may connect with their audience and share their skills, hobbies, and passions while also fostering cultural movements and bringing attention to pressing societal concerns. With the TikTok Creator Awards, which recognised some of the most inspirational creators, winners were revealed in 11 categories, including entertainment, lifestyle, and sports, as well as the award for the Top Creator of the Year. These creators were honoured for their capacity to interact with their followers and instigate cultural movements that began on TikTok before spreading to the real world and having an impact there.

As the home for entertainment, guests at the #YearOnTikTok event were treated to performances by content creators Tahir Abbas, Hareem Rashid, and Daaniya Kanwal, who used the power of TikTok to make a name for themselves with their talent. The grand finale of the event was a magical performance by music hearthrob Abdul Hannan, whose songs have been some of the most popular tracks of the year on TikTok in Pakistan.

Guests at the #YearOnTikTok event were treated to performances by content producers Tahir Abbas, Hareem Rashid, and Daaniya Kanwal, who leveraged the power of TikTok to establish their names in the entertainment industry. Abdul Hannan, a musical genius whose songs have been some of the most popular singles of the year on Pakistan’s TikTok, gave a spellbinding performance as the event’s grand finale.

“It has been truly inspiring to witness how TikTok has enabled everyone to come together and experience joy, connection, and a sense of belonging. We are honored to have been a part of this journey and look forward to seeing what the future holds for our community,” he added.

Watch what happened live on TikTok with the hashtags #ForYouParty and #YearOnTikTok to meet local creators and learn how TikTok celebrated a very special year with the community.

The year-end celebrations continue on TikTok, where users are encouraged to share the moments that made 2022 truly #ForYou by encapsulating them with some of the most popular sounds from #YearOnTikTok.

The winners:

Top Technology Creator – Talha Malik (talha_reviews)

Top Health Creator – Danial Ahmed (danial.ahmed8)

Most Viewed Educational Video – Syed Aun (syedaun14)

Top Food Creator – Chef Rizwan Chaudhary (babafoodsrrc)

Top Beauty Creator – Humna Zahid (samosiiii)

Top Travel Creator – Skardu Valley (skarduvalley)

Top Gamer – Shehzada Shahab (drtabzzyt)

Top Sports Creator – Muneeb ur Raheem (s3baller)

Top Entertainer – Fiza Muneeb (Fizzamuneeb1)

People’s Choice Award – Zulqarnain Sikander (Zulqarnain)

Top Creator of 2022 – Zunaira Mahi (zunaira.mahi)


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