After the Pakistan – China friendship over the massive China Pakistan Economic Corridor, a project that is bound to shape the future of the country. As time goes by, we’ve seen a number of Chinese citizens settling into Pakistan and it finally seems that a merging of cultures has now begun.

The first CPEC marriage took place in Lahore recently and the pictures have taken the internet by storm!

The happy couple celebrated their union with utter style! The bride donned a beautiful white wedding gown.

The marriage was attended by family and friends of both the bride and groom!

The marriage proceedings took place in Lahore

Is this a new trend that people will now follow? We are yet to see what happens as time goes by and people from the two countries begin to further integrate into each other’s lives.

There are reportedly 30,000 Chinese working on the CPEC project in Pakistan at the moment. The multi-million dollar venture is China’s modern-day ‘Silk Road’ for land and sea trade that will link Asia with Europe and Africa.


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