Fine Wellness Pakistan, subsidiary of Fine Hygienic Holding, one of the world’s leading wellness groups and the MENA’s leading hygienic products manufacturer, formally announced its partnership with Pakistan Super League’s franchise the Quetta Gladiators for HBL PSL season 6.

A signing ceremony to celebrate Fine Wellness Pakistan as the Official Hygiene Partner for the Quetta Gladiators was held on February 21, 2021, during a press conference at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi. The occasion was attended by the CEO of Fine Wellness Pakistan Mr Moutaz El Nahrawy and the owner of the Quetta Gladiator franchise Nadeem Omer.

To mark the occasion, CEO of Fine Wellness Pakistan, Mr Nahrawy said, “…As a wellness company, sports play a big role in maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. Cricket is one sport directly connected to Pakistan’s heartbeat and hygiene is now more important than ever. Bringing the two together was only natural. We are very pleased and excited to support the Quetta Gladiators as their Official Hygiene Partner for season 6 of the HBL-PSL.”

“I was amazed when I found out that Fine products kill 99% germs and viruses. And their masks are out of this world! We are not conscious of our hygiene in Pakistan, but as Quetta Gladiators hygiene is very close to my heart and it is about time we make such partnerships a common feature here.”

Following the immense success in the Arab World, Fine Hygienic Holding has now entered the Pakistani market with a vision to raise the standards of living in the country by providing premium quality, sterilized hygiene products at the same cost as an unsterilized alternative.

Earlier this year, Fine Wellness Pakistan in partnership with Burque Corporation brought a startup investment of 7 million USD into Pakistan launching its line of premium hygiene products. The investment will include setting up state-of-the-art diaper and tissue manufacturing facilities along with the mega launch of four brands for the Pakistani market; Fine Tissues, the only line of sterilized tissues in the world untouched by human hands, Fine Baby, a range of premium baby diapers with a SmartLock™ technology, which locks in wetness and prevents leaks, Fine Care, a line of adult diapers and Fine Guard, an innovative antiviral face mask with a patented technology that kills germs and viruses, including Coronavirus, upon contact.

In 2020, with the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers realized that using sterilized products was no longer a commodity but a necessity. Fine is the only company that has been offering sterilized tissues for over 63 years. Being a hygiene company, Fine products are unique across the world because they use world-class patented technology that looks after the safety and wellbeing of a consumer.

“Wellness is very important to us and we are committed to supporting local, regional and international events and initiatives that encourage communities to look after their health – sports are among those initiatives. Fine wants to help teams and communities feel assured and safe when participating in sports and other activities knowing that they are using sterilized and hygienic products that are germs free,” said Mr Nahrawy.

One of the most important sporting events in the country, the much-awaited HBL-PSL, kicked off on February 20, 2021, with a spectacular opening ceremony and inaugural match between the Quetta Gladiators and Karachi Kings at the national stadium in Karachi. The Karachi Kings won the match by 7 wickets.