Love knows no borders, and the internet seems to be playing cupid once again! In a delightful twist of fate, another Facebook friendship has blossomed into marriage. This time, it’s the story of Oshaq, a gentleman from Larkana, Sindh, who found love across the miles with a charming Filipino girl named Mikona, all through a video call.

Here’s how the nikkah took place

Their love story culminated in a unique nikah ceremony that was not to be missed. The charming event took place at a local hotel and was attended by friends, relatives, and Oshaq’s family. But here’s the kicker: Mikona, the lovely bride, was virtually present and got married over a video call!

Oshaq shared that he and Mikona had become friends on Facebook about a year ago. The twist? Mikona couldn’t come to Pakistan, and Oshaq couldn’t secure a visa to the Philippines. So, they decided on an online nikah to bridge the gap and unite their hearts.

And it seems love knows no boundaries in the virtual world. Just last month, we saw another heartwarming online wedding story where an Indian man and a Pakistani woman tied the knot when the bride faced visa hurdles. Their unique virtual Nikah ceremony took place in Jodhpur, with all the traditional rituals performed virtually. A Qazi solemnized the marriage, and the bride, tuning in from Karachi, joyfully exclaimed, “Qabool Hai” (I accept)!

This modern love story brought families on both sides together through video conferencing, allowing them to celebrate and congratulate each other, proving once again that love knows how to adapt to any situation, even if it’s through a screen!

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