Arif Lohar's FIFA World Cup Video Wish Gets Overwhelming Response

FIFA’s official Instagram page uploaded a video featuring Arif Lohar’s iconic song “Aa” to celebrate football legend Lionel Messi’s 37th birthday. The video showcases Messi’s impressive skills on the field, interspersed with clips of Lohar’s energetic performance.


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Netizens were quick to respond, with some hilarious comments. “I thought it was a meme fan page…” said one user, while another joked, “FIFA is obsessed with Pakistani songs!” One user also referenced the ongoing rivalry between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, commenting, “Bado Badi on Ronaldo’s birthday.” Another user humorously expressed their surprise, saying, “Wait, this wasn’t the collab I was expecting!”

The video has garnered a significant amount of attention, with fans appreciating the unique blend of Pakistani music and football. Lohar’s song “Aa” has become an unlikely anthem for the football community, with its catchy beats and energetic vibe perfectly capturing the spirit of the sport.

This unexpected collaboration has left fans eagerly anticipating more surprises from FIFA. As one user aptly put it, “Things are heating up!”

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