FIA Official Suspended
Image Source: Aaj

Harassment allegations have come to mean so much more in the past few years with the rising global movement, Me Too. Yes, people do misuse and exploit this movement, but occasionally, with the aid of Me Too, now people have begun to at least get the courage of speaking about it if they feel harassed. And as a result of one such allegation, an FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) official was suspended.

FIA official suspended

Yesterday, an FIA official got suspended for having allegedly harassed a woman at Karachi Airport. The official, Sanjay, is a Sub-Inspector at FIA. This suspension was a direct consequence of a viral video that shows the suspended official misbehaving with a lady. After the uproar on social media, Director FIA, Amir Farooqi announced that a proper investigation will be launched into the matter.

According to the video and the news circulating on social media, the official had asked a woman coming from Bahrain for her number and sweets (mithai). Clarifying his position, Sanjay said that he asked for the number for documentation purposes and the mithai was a joke.

Public Harassment 

It doesn’t come off as a surprise because numerous men have begun to think they own the public sphere and so they feel they have the right to joke around with females even if they do not know them.

Additional Director FIA, Zain Shaikh, later took to the public that the sub-inspector has been blacklisted at the airport and that FIA has seized his documents. FIA has said that after proper investigation, the ones in the wrong will be properly dealt with.

Some people approached Sanjay and it can be seen in the video that he is not able to satisfy the queries.

In the past as well, FIA officials have gotten suspended for misbehaving with people.

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