The dapper Pakistani actor with looks that could kill, Feroze Khan is the latest sensation with his super-hit TV show, Khaani. Grossing high TRP’s, Khan’s character Mir Hadi has become a fan favorite amongst all the ladies!

However, recent news announced by the actor has left girls in a pool of tears and broken hearts! Feroze Khan has just admitted to ‘tying the knot this year’ in conversation with a media outlet, Something Haute.

#Repost @khaani.official ・・・ though the fandom and fk family may be emotional at hearing this news. We are all part of the Feroze Khan Fandom Family and weather he gets married or not, that won’t change. Personally , I love Feroze very much but my respect for him is more then my love for him. – – As he’s decided to be taking a step into another wonderful and InshaAllah successful journey in his life, I stand and support him. And you should too! – – may he have a blessed, happy, healthy and wealthy future ahead with whoever the lucky lady is. – – My best of prayers and support is with you @ferozekhan .  Who’s with us? – – – – EVERYONE TAG @ferozekhan BELOW!  #supportfk #fk #fkfamily #ferozekhan#ferozekhanforbestactor #khaani #romeowedsheer #fothek#geoentertainment #7thskyentertainment@somethinghauteofficial #ferozekhanlive #ferozian#ferozegetsmarried

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Here’s what Feroze Khan revealed about his upcoming wedding:

“I can’t reveal everything [about my personal life], but I am getting married soon. My wish is to do it quietly and without any extra attention of any sorts. Kaam, kaam hota hai, and personal is personal, I want to draw a line.”

The Khaani star has added that the girl of his dreams is someone outside the showbiz industry, looks like all the Sajal Feroze lovers will have to put their fantasies on hold! Feroze also said,

“It’s a responsibility, and I want to prove myself as a good partner. I am just praying that it all goes well, so let’s see!”

Khan had previously ‘hinted’ on his wedding in a picture he posted back in November last year. The BTS shot was taken from Feroze’s upcoming project Romeo Weds Heer. Surprisingly he did mention he was 100% okay in getting married after playing the character on screen.

“I looked like this on the sets of ROMEO WEDS HEER, I am legit 100% ok getting married now after playing this character and all the madness. Haha. You will know what I’m saying when it’s out. But for now, Khaani is airing in 3 days on #GeoEntertainment don’t miss the beginning!”

Amongst all the broken hearts, it does make us wonder whether this is just another promotional campaign for the upcoming TV project, Romeo Weds Heer, and Dino ki Dulhaniya? Both titles seem to revolve around marriage and Khan has just broken the news about his wedding too. Coincidence much?

Here’s how social media is reacting to the news!

Let’s keep watching for what happens next! Stay tuned to Brandsynario for latest news and updates.