Dr. Sarah Qureshi

Pakistani aerospace engineer Dr. Sarah Qureshi, who holds a Master’s in Aerospace Dynamics and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Propulsion from Cranfield University has made us a proud nation.

This talented individual has built an airplane engine that is pollution-free, bringing a reduction in climate pollution and global warming.

Furthermore, the engine will also help in inducing artificial rain during flights. The engine will also have a unique pressure-based condensation system, which will cool the water vapors in the aircraft exhaust.

This means that water will remain on the plane and rain can be released when needed.

In a recent interview, Sarah said she has launched a company called “Aero Engine Craft” to make environment-friendly airplane engines, with her father, Masood Latif Qureshi who is also a Scientist and a Physicist.

Dr. Qureshi shares that her father has played a major role in her life and is the inspirational force behind her company. In an interview with NIC Lahore, she shared:

A major part of this work was also carried out in Pakistan with the support of my father who acted as an external supervisor for the research.

That is how my father came up with this breakthrough invention that was granted two international patents.

I further developed the entire engineering model for it during my PhD research. I was offered a university studentship for my masters and PhD.

This particular problem was given to me as a research question for my PhD thesis by my supervisor Prof. Pericles Pilidis in 2012.

She also shared that young entrepreneurs should learn how to value time, it has more worth than money. She further asked them not to follow trends but to follow their own aptitude and passion, only then they will be able to excel.

We congratulate Dr. Sarah and her family on this grave accomplishment and wish them all the very best for all future projects.

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