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The Apple iPhone certainly established itself as a representation of superior craftsmanship and state-of-the-art functionality in the ever-changing world of technology, where innovations are limitless. Despite the release of newer models, older iterations continue to hold sway, particularly in markets like Pakistan where the allure of an iPhone remains unmatched. However, navigating the tax landscape associated with these coveted devices can prove to be a daunting task for consumers.

The Legacy of iPhone X and the Evolution of PTA Tax Rates

The iPhone X, a device that marked a significant paradigm shift for Apple with its edge-to-edge Super Retina display and elimination of the physical home button, remains a favorite among Pakistani consumers. Yet, the journey to owning one involves grappling with various taxes imposed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), including Customs Duty, Regulatory Duty, Sales Tax, and Federal Excise Duty.

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Fast forward to Feb 2024, and the taxation scenario for iPhones in Pakistan continues to evolve. The latest update from the PTA sheds light on the revised tax rates applicable to a range of iPhone models. For instance, the iPhone 12, a device that debuted in 2020 amidst much fanfare, still commands a significant presence in the market. However, prospective buyers must contend with substantial PTA taxes, with rates varying depending on whether the purchase is made using a passport or CNIC.

The iPhone 15 is the successor to the iPhone 14, but the 14 series is still very much in demand. Consumers interested in smartphones find these devices appealing due to their powerful CPUs and outstanding camera setups. Yet, the journey to ownership comes with its own set of financial considerations, including the hefty PTA taxes imposed by the Pakistani government.

PTA Tax Rates for all iPhone Models (Feb 2024)

iPhone X

Models Tax with Passport Tax with CNIC
iPhone X (64GB) PKR 68,200 PKR 87,700
iPhone X (128GB) PKR 68,300 PKR 87,700

iPhone 11

Models Price (PKR) Tax with Passport Tax with CNIC
iPhone 11 PKR (Price) PKR 67,250 PKR 86,700
iPhone 11 Pro PKR (Price) PKR 93,200 PKR 115,200
iPhone 11 Pro Max PKR (Price) PKR 97,000 PKR 119,200

iPhone 12

Models Price (PKR) Tax on Passport Tax on CNIC
iPhone 12 Mini PKR 179,000 PKR 75,450 PKR 94,078
iPhone 12 PKR 179,000 PKR 86,165 PKR 107,432
iPhone 12 Pro PKR 179,000 PKR 103,335 PKR 125,205
iPhone 12 Pro Max PKR 179,000 PKR 107,325 PKR 130,708

iPhone 13

Models Price (PKR) Tax with Passport Tax with CNIC
iPhone 13 PKR 179,000 PKR 118,400 PKR 142,900
iPhone 13 Mini PKR 179,000 PKR 113,600 PKR 137,680
iPhone 13 Pro PKR 179,000 PKR 133,100 PKR 159,100
iPhone 13 Pro Max PKR 179,000 PKR 137,900 PKR 162,900

iPhone 14

Models Price (PKR) Tax on Passport Tax on CNIC
iPhone 14 PKR 364,999 PKR 107,325 PKR 130,708
iPhone 14 Plus PKR 364,999 PKR 113,075 PKR 137,000
iPhone 14 Pro PKR 364,999 PKR 122,275 PKR 147,150
iPhone 14 Pro Max PKR 364,999 PKR 131,130 PKR 156,900

It’s not just about owning a smartphone; it’s about understanding the financial implications associated with it. As consumers weigh their options and contemplate investing in an iPhone, it becomes imperative to factor in the PTA tax rates and make an informed decision. While the allure of owning an iPhone may be undeniable, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and assess the total cost of ownership, including taxes, to avoid any surprises down the line.

While the iPhone continues to captivate consumers with its unparalleled blend of design and functionality, navigating the tax landscape in Pakistan adds another layer of complexity to the equation. By staying informed about the latest PTA tax rates and understanding how they impact the overall cost of ownership, consumers can make empowered decisions and enjoy the unparalleled Apple experience without breaking the bank.

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