FBR Duty

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is in the midst of reducing regulatory duty (RD) on imported mobile phones by up to 50%.


A summary has been shared with the Ministry of Finance in this regard. It shares that this move will help in providing relief to the common man.

According to the FBR, a reduction in duty will encourage Pakistanis to import more sets in Pakistan.

The summary reads:

This reduction in duty/tax is expected to increase import volume of mobiles in Pakistan.

Earlier, the government had reduced duties and taxes on mobile phones in the last budget. Handsets falling between $100-200 in value will get up to 50% in duty. The current RD rate of Rs. 2,430 has been proposed to be reduced by more than half to Rs. 1200.

Similarly, for phones set at the value of $201-350 will be slashed by Rs. 740 and sets between $351-500 will see Rs. 4500 decrease.

Mobile Phones
(C&F Value in USD)
Existing RD (Rs) Proposed RD (Rs)
Up to $30 165 165
Above $30 to $100 1620 1000
Above $100 to $200 2430 1200
Above $200 to $350 3240 2500
Above $350 to $500 9450 5000
Above $500 16650 9000

The FBR has also proposed to reduce the duty on imported used clothes and polyester fiber in the summary.

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