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The people of Pakistan pay quite a lot of taxes every year, accumulating to millions, and yet there are still many who don’t. If a person does not fall under the tax bracket due to their income, that is a different story. However, if someone does fall under the bracket and is not filing their taxes, then FBR recently released a statement for them. It seems that it has become quite a serious issue to have quite a lot of people not pay taxes.

We are aware that it is also the state’s responsibility to put the tax capital to good use. However, it is also the citizen’s responsibility to make sure the tax they are paying is filed. The filing stands as proof that the citizen is an honest tax payer. Thus, if you are a non-filer, then the FBR has some dire news for you.

fbr statement and filing tax
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FBR and Non-Filers

According to sources, The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan has issued notices to non-filers, warning of strict measures under section 114B if they fail to file their returns. Non-compliance may lead to disconnection of electricity, gas, and mobile connections. These notices have been received in the form of text messages to many people who are non-filers. It stands as a warning to file the tax, otherwise they might fulfill what they claim to do.

If you receive such a message on your phone, then do not think of it as spam. In the first phase of enforcement, the FBR plans to block mobile SIM cards and phones of non-filers, with the issuance of an Income Tax General order expected in the current month. Yes, even if you have paid the PTA of your smartphone but you have not filed your tax, your sim connection could be blocked until you do.

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Strict Regulations Incoming

It seems that this is quite the strict step from the FBR towards the public, as there was no such news of it before. This means that non-filers will have to either the file the tax themselves or contact a tax lawyer to help them do it. The FBR is also working on a strategy to disconnect electricity and gas connections of non-filers, although it currently lacks complete data on the electricity connections.

The country is already facing load-shedding of electricity and gas. It seems quite a tough measure to also put this looming doom over their heads. They might lose gas and electricity both if they are not able to file their tax soon. First, the M-Tag was made mandatory on the motorway and now filing is a must. While they can seem strict, the initiatives are good.

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