Faysal Quraishi Loses His Cool On TikTokers During A Live Show
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The world of TikTok and the people behind it are full of scandals and controversies. No wonder it faces a ban now and then from the government of Pakistan. The TikTokers are now taking over different streams of media while they make appearances in talk shows and tv dramas.

One such show which goes by the name of Khush Raho features TikTokers from all over Pakistan. On the show, they are seen playing games and doing fun activities that sometimes take an odd turn. A similar incident was seen in yesterday’s show when the video went viral of the host Faysal Qureshi lashing out on a TikToker.

Faysal Quraishi Loses His Cool On TikTokers During A Live Show
Image source: https://powerr.life/

Faysal Qureshi Gets Angry 

In what seems like a birthday celebration we can see the Tiktokers and the host standing and singing the birthday song. However, a girl started to hit a guy amidst the song and the guy who got hit was the one whose birthday celebration was going on.

Looking at the situation Faysal gets angry and hot-tempered as he called out the girl and shouts; “What are you doing? The show is going live”.

He suddenly left the set while calling them out ill-mannered and disrespectful.

The whole situation took a sudden shift and everyone felt uncomfortable while most of them took to their seats waiting for the host to calm down.

Scripted or Unplanned? 

The majority of the people believe that the whole scenario was scripted and planned for ratings and TRP. While similar incidents have also occurred previously where we have seen the host scolding the participants. Some people are furious as to why this show is still going on.

“The host is right”, one user wrote.

Whether scripted or unplanned doing such things on TV reflects poorly on one’s personality. The game show must be limited to games without adding extra drama to it.

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