In today’s world where every industry is undergoing rapid trend shifts – particularly the fashion and beauty industry – Ms. Fatima Raja Kasuri not only brightens our days with a fresh, clean and beautiful look regularly, but she also inspires us to put our best foot forward. Hailed as one of the first fashion influencers of Pakistan and a media person, she is in an ideal space for influencing women everywhere.


Her achievements are not only limited to the fashion and media industry; she is a thriving educationist, a philanthropist, and a successful businesswoman as well. Some of her ventures include an up-and-coming network of schools – the United Charter Schools, Premier DLC – a company that brings private training benefits to the public sector, and My Bag Pack – a store for school supplies. She is also a Trustee of Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust – an organization that is changing lives by providing IB education to deserving children.

Ms. Fatima Kasuri has a booming following of 220K followers on her official Instagram and 470K plus on her official Facebook page. She has collaborated with famous designers like Asim Jofa, Ethnic, Agha Noor and many others. Her recent collaboration with Waseem Jewelers has left us in awe of the artistic brilliance of the designs. Her collaboration with brands is deliberately limited yet dignified.  Ms. Fatima Kasuri’s approach to influencing does not stem from hashtags and shout-outs but from her glowing personality.

What sets Ms. Fatima R Kasuri apart from the crowd of the ever-growing young fashion influencers is the quiet dignity and elegance that does not just exude from her pictures but from the entire narrative that her social media handles portray. In these times of fake content mongering, she stands out as an original: portraying her life, her interests, and her other projects on her social media as well. She not only does glam shoots, but she also connects with her followers on a human level by showing her everyday activities.

Ms. Fatima Raja Kasuri is an influencer who does justice to the title as she influences women to be more elegant, more confident, and the most beautiful versions of themselves.