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Aired yesterday, BBC Three filmed a show with Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom in their home. The show was named Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton. Extremely rich that they are, the show tries to humanize the couple as they talked about the struggles of parenting and the little things.

The famous couple

Amir Khan is known for his boxing career. 34-year-old British Boxer has an Olympic silver medal that he earned in 2004. After that, he became a two-time world champion. He married a UK-based Pakistani model, Faryal Makhdoom, who has a cosmetic brand.

During the program, Faryal shared intimate details of her married life and what being a celebrity can lead to. She mentioned that her married life has been like most couples’ married lives, but since she married a celebrity, her life is very much out into the open.

Faryal Makhdoom gets real

Commenting further, she said that her husband is a changed man, he is old, and that’s why he doesn’t cheat anymore.

Giving a little context about this, Amir has been accused of cheating nine times in the past. The occasions of cheating were when he was engaged to Faryal and also when they were expecting.

Netizens hot on the case

People were ready to give their opinions at such a  statement. Some were accusing her of tarnishing her ‘poor’ husband’s reputation, while others were calling her out on giving her cheater husband so many free passes.

Faryal Makhdoom
Image Source: Instagram

And well, it’s not like he cheated on her once or twice, if someone cheats on you nine times, that is not even red but a black flag, girl. Run!

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