Sajal Aly

The actress Sajal Ali is an amazing actress, and she has proved her talent through her numerous projects. The celebrity was even invited by Bollywood to perform alongside Sridevi. She has gathered quite some love from many people. Besides being talented, she is also very beautiful, and people just adore her and Ahad together. The husband and wife are quite regular in posting about their lives to keep their fans in the loop.

Sajal Ali Instagram Info

With more than 700 posts on her Instagram, Sajal had gained 6.9 million followers. But now, her account only has 371 pots. She has deleted almost half of her posts. Don’t be scared though, all of her pictures with her husband Ahad are still on. She has also unfollowed more than 70 people.

One can only wonder what led to the Mom actress behaving in such a way, but some people assume that it was her copying a Bollywood actress who pulled a similar stunt.

deepika padukone

What could be the reason?

It should be noted that the actress has also made her debut in a Hollywood movie where she performed alongside Emma Thompson. And this could very well be the reason why she filtered her account. I mean, tell me, have we not ever modified our Instagram accounts keeping in mind the people who could be accessing us?

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