deepika padukone closet

Deepika Padukone is one of the most celebrated celebrities, both in India and globally.

With 26.5 m followers on Twitter and 39.4 m on instagram, her influence is GRAND and she often makes good use of it by speaking up on important issues such as mental health.

However, this World Mental Health Day, she did something different.

Taking to her Twitter account, she announced the launch of the Deepika Padukone Closet.

It is a charity closet initiative and every contribution will support ‘The Live Love Laugh Foundation’ that is focused on giving hope to those experiencing Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

However, the idea does not seem to sit well with many fans, as they look at it as yet another way of capitalizing on people’s issues.

Take a look at some of the negative opinions Deepika’s initiative is attracting:


What are you thoughts? Do you think it was a great initiative to launch but not the best time to launch it? Or do you think she could have donated to the charity without having to make it look like a business?

Let us know in the comments!

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