rabi peerzada suicide jacket

A photo of popular Pakistani star, Rabi Pirzada is stirring up a storm on Twitter today.

She took to her twitter account to post a photo of herself wearing a suicide vest with a very cryptic caption.

All one can tell from looking at the photo is that it is against Modi and supports Kashmir. But what has the suicide vest got to do with it? What is the connection, really?

In fact, many are calling it irresponsible behavior, as suicide bombing is one of the biggest evils we’re facing as a society; a celebrity wearing a suicide jacket makes it look like they’re endorsing the idea of suicide bombing which thousands of people can get influenced by.

Take a look at it:



While many are challenging her mental state:

Many are looking at it as just a threat to Modi:

Agitated by the comments and interpretations running haywire, the singer finally broke silence over what the photo actually meant:

According to Rabi, the photo was a still from a music video she was shooting and it was only to emphasize on ending cruelty against Kashmiris.

For those who r criticising this pic, its from a video where I condemn such attacks, i wish peace and humanity and all those indians giving me lectures on modi safety, can u justify 3 months of curfew without food n medicines. I posted it to remind u stop this cruelty against IOK

Does it make sense now? Or does it still remain an irresponsible act?

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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