Falak Shabir Reveals How Atif Aslam Helped Him & We're In Awe

Falak Shabir, a well-known singer in Pakistan, described how Atif Aslam supported him in his business. He has written numerous songs, and we frequently witness him playing in numerous cities both domestically and abroad. Audiences adore both his melodic voice and his amusing presentation. Falak Shabir is a self-made man who worked hard to be where he is today in life. The performer has frequently discussed his upbringing and struggles in life. He revealed how Atif Aslam aided his business during the time before he was able to pursue singing as a full-time career.

Atif Aslam is the most adored or, in our opinion, the greatest star in both India and Pakistan. Aadat, Dil Diyan Galan, and Tu Chahiye are some of his songs. While Falak Shabir describes how Atif Aslam helped him expand his firm in his interview. Not with cash or fame, but rather with his song Aadat. 

Recently, Falak Shabir took part in an interview. When appearing on the Mira Malik show, he said that he had had a guitar shop. While revealing that he once played the guitar song Aadat. And since many people enjoy listening to it played on a guitar, it helped him expand his business.

It has been 10 years since Aadat hit the market and it is safe to say that it is still one of the most popular songs. It was when Atif Aslam and Goher Mumtaz, at that time, two inexperienced artists, released Aadat as the duet Jal in December 2003, it not only became the biggest success of the decade but also sparked the biggest debate in contemporary Pakistani music.

Aadat was not only a turning point in Pakistani pop music history, but it is also shockingly current today given that ten years have gone by since it originally appeared on the radio.