When we’re traveling, most of us are thinking about all the things that can possibly go wrong. This may be because of all the scary flight movies we’ve watched but whatever the reason may be we’ve all been there. But for this Afghani passenger, he might’ve just been too confident when boarding the plane with a fake passport. Luckily, he was caught by authorities and was eventually ejected from the flight.

Image Source: AI Monitor

The Afghan passenger was trying to fly to Jeddah from Peshawar Airport. After conducting a background check he was identified as Aryan Naeem, an Afghanistan resident. It was discovered that the traveler had arrived in Pakistan from Afghanistan the day before.

As a result, the man was handed over to the Federal Investigation Agency Anti-Human Trafficking Circle located in Peshawar for further investigation. However, his purpose is still not confirmed by sources. He might’ve just wanted to reach Jeddah or his plans could’ve been something more sinister.

Image Source: Pakistan Observer

In the previous month, a woman from Afghanistan was also stopped by the Federal Investigation Agency’s immigration staff at Peshawar airport when she attempted to board a flight to France with a counterfeit passport. The woman, named Omari Husna, was arrested during the immigration process, and her fake passport was found.

As a result, she was removed from the flight and transferred to the FIA’s Anti-Human Trafficking Cell for further examination. So this is not the first time the FIA has caught imposters. But fortunately, their checking procedures and protocols are safe enough.

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