April 2024 has rolled in, bringing with it the annual extravaganza of April Fools’ Day pranks. In the tech world, this day is no exception, with top companies unleashing their most creative and ideas to play a long.

Nothing Phone (2a) micro

Users fell in love with Nothing's Phone (2a) Micro and dream of packing one - PhoneArena
Source: Phone Arena

Kicking off the hilarity, Nothing teases us with the launch of the Nothing Phone (2a) micro, a pint-sized smartphone that packs a punch. With a tagline proclaiming, “Size doesn’t matter,” this tiny device promises big surprises for tech consumers but with a bang.

OPPO’s Eau de Innovation Smartphone

Meanwhile, OPPO takes innovation to a whole new level with its Eau de Innovation Smartphone. Claiming to be the world’s first smartphone with a built-in perfume dispenser, this aromatic device adds a delightful twist to the world of gadgets. With scents like Silicone Musk and Code Couture, users can now enjoy a fragrant smartphone experience like never before.

Source: Oppo

OnePlus R12-D12

In a stroke of genius—or madness—OnePlus introduces the R12-D12, the first AI-powered phone that transforms into a robot. With this outlandish concept, OnePlus blurs the lines between reality and science fiction, leaving us wondering what’s next in the world of smartphones.


Sony Xperia5 V micro

Sony jumps into the April Fools’ trend with the Xperia5 V micro, a compact powerhouse equipped with a tiny camera throwing in the nostalgia. While the idea may seem far-fetched, it adds a touch of whimsy to Sony’s lineup of sleek and sophisticated devices.

Sony тизерит Xperia 5 V micro: крохотный флагман с большим потенциалом
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ixigo Flyfie

ixigo and abhibus join forces to reveal the ixigo Flyfie, a drone for your smartphone that promises to revolutionize aerial selfies and vlogging. With features like obstacle detection and hands-free mode, this flying companion adds a new dimension to capturing life’s moments.

Post by ixigo
Source: Ixigo

Razer Cthulhu

Razer throws a curveball with the Razer Cthulhu, a gaming chair equipped with robotic arms and AI capabilities. With features like built-in massage functionality and automatic food ordering, this concept chair blurs combines gaming and convenience in the most absurd—and hilarious—way possible.

Source: ForArena

Elon Musk’s Disney Adventure

In a surprising turn of events, Elon Musk announces his appointment as Disney’s Chief DEI Officer, promising to make Disney’s content even more “woke.” With Musk’s playful antics and Disney’s magical touch, the future of entertainment seems brighter—and weirder—than ever before.

Elon Musk Was Summer Intern At 'Rocket Science' Before He Found 'SpaceX', Shares Post
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As April Fools’ Day 2024 unfolds, tech companies  embrace the spirit of creativity and humor. While these announcements may be nothing more than elaborate pranks, they serve as a playful reminder of the boundless imagination that drives innovation in the tech industry.

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