Fahad Mustafa is probably one of those celebrities that always stay evergreen in the industry. Whether this is because of his good looks, his movies, and dramas, or him screaming “Jeetoooo Pakistannn”. Fahad has already gained the title of the national heartthrob of Pakistan and the most versatile and happening celebrity but now he is also winning hearts.

Jeeto Pakistan is a show where Fahad Mustafa distributes prizes like motorbikes, cars, and even gold when people win games and challenges. Although these prizes are not given by Fahad Mustafa personally and by the channel owners, he always makes sure to choose needy people when randomly distributing prizes.

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Every Ramadan, Jeeto Pakistan does a twist on the normal show and turns it into Jeeto Pakistan League where Fahad Mustafa hosts the show and calls different celebrities who own different teams named after the cities of Pakistan.

During this Ramadan transmission, Jeeto Pakistan gives away even bigger and grander prizes. Celebrities who are team captains also play for the general public and help them win while they win points and increase their rank in the league.

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This season Fahad Mustafa is seen as being even more particular and generous about who he is giving gifts to. A segment called Khul Gayi Qismat takes place in the middle of the episode.

Initially, two families are called through a lucky draw and they get a certain number of boxes each and whatever is in the boxes is theirs. However, there is a total of twenty boxes so for the remaining boxes, Fahad randomly chooses kids, women, and men to choose their box and win whatever is inside.

During this segment, he makes sure to call people who cannot participate in other challenges normally either because they are disabled or very old. This time, he called a girl named Amna and won the hearts of Pakistanis because of his caring and loving behavior towards her. Here, have a look at the video.

He could be seen being very careful yet extremely warm towards the sweet girl Amna who was really excited after winning a plot worth Rs 9.5 lac. After telling Amna to open whichever box she liked, just as she was about to open one of the other boxes he intentionally prompted her and guided her to the box which had the plot. Amna could be seen running happily back to her family.

Fahad Mustafa really does know how to win the whole nation over. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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