In this current world of fashion, creativity, and controversy walk hand in hand. With the finest lawn collections loved by all women, designer Zara Shahjahan recently took a dig at a fellow designer.  Hussain Rehar, known for his exclusive and class luxury pret, was accused of copying Zara’s aesthetics and making it his own. Later, Fahad Hussayn responds to all the drama.

Both designers have been doing fantastic with their collections, each more extravagant than before. Hussain Rehar’s designs have stood out for their vibrant colors and intricate designs. On the other hand, Zara Shajahan is widely known for her minimalistic and sustainable designs. She quotes on Instagram, “Love for Lahore and its heritage is a childhood passion.” Which is why her aesthetics greatly resemble south asian history. 

“Couturesoireebyadeel” a Pakistan-based fashion blog, recently posted a side-by-side of two of their designs. Zara Shahjahan’s Summer Lawn 2024 and Hussain Rehar December 2023. The post captioned, ”The monotony of Paris Fashion Week is catching up in Pakistan too!”

When caught liking this, Zara was quick to take a screenshot and take it up publically. She circled Hussain Rehar’s like and posted, ”When someone starts copying your aesthetic so much they think it’s theirs.”

Zara Shajahan takes a dig at Hussain Rehar
Zara Shajahan takes it up on Instagram before Fahad Hussayn

Fahad Hussayn Steps In

The drama only got more intense after Fahad Hussayn stepped in and tried to resolve the contentions. He addressed both of them as ”copycats” and suggested that it was only a sad affair to be playing copycat, copycat, you took my rat. Yet another prominent figure in Pakistan’s fashion industry, Fahad Hussayn’s most popular work is his bridals.

He posed an excellent question to Zara, asking if anyone reserves rights over historical archives, photography, or aesthetics. He then criticized the designer saying, ” It seems cheap thrills of calling one another rout with little to no originality is the tea of the day.” Yikes!

Regardless, his insights offer an important lesson. Encouraging designers to find common ground and encouraging them to embrace the fact that influences come from all ends will only enrich the industry.

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