Remember the cute guy/girl you sent a friendship request about 2 years ago, who has neither accepted or deleted it?

Well, you might be out of luck as unaccepted friendship requests will soon expire.

Facebook is experimenting with a feature, which will declare all unaccepted requests ‘expired’ after 14-days.

After the 14-day period, it will ‘self-destruct’, for now, the feature is currently in its testing phase, it will soon be rolling out for the entire user base of the social media network.

According to TechJuice, it will also provide perks to social media influencers and public figures by limiting the number of pending friend requests. Facebook only allows 5000 friends and only a limited number of pending requests.

The sum of current friends and pending requests cannot exceed 5000. Therefore, the feature will make it less likely to hit the pending friend request maximum by cleaning up every request fortnightly.

Check Pending Requests

To check the number of pending requests or accept them, tap the ‘three lines’ icon at the very top left. Then, navigate to Friends > Requests to see them all in one place.

What do you this of this nifty upcoming new feature?

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