By now you must have seen selfies of various Pakistani celebrities with their eyes closed, circulating on the social media. Did you wonder what it was all about? Is it a promo of an upcoming Ramazan show? Or is it a teaser for a movie? Well, it’s time for you to find out. All the top Pakistani celebrities from various fields have joined hands with Pepsi Pakistan for their Ramazan campaign, Liter of Light.

The Liter of Light campaign by Pepsi Pakistan has been running successfully for a few years now. Every year, people diligently take part in the activities held by Pepsi which helps them provide light to different villages who currently are without electricity.

This year a number of celebrities have joined the cause too. The #EyesClosedForLight movement initiated by Pepsi Pakistan is a thought provoking stance, that makes people understand what thousands of people living without electricity go through every day. Just closing your eyes for even a second plunges us into a darkness that is a reality of every minute for countless people.

Pepsi Pakistan is encouraging people to share their own pictures with their eyes closed. For every picture received, the brand will donate a bottle that lights up peoples’ lives. If you want more details about this campaign, here is a video that will help.

Take a look at some of the selfies that have been shared by celebrities.

#EyesCloseForLight is a wonderful initiative that prompts people from across the city to experience what so many go through on a daily basis. Many parts of Pakistan are still without electricity. Once the sun goes down, life comes to a standstill. Many people brave dangerous conditions to return home after sunset, some even get lost.

Pepsi Pakistan has already managed to light up some of the lives. Villages that do not have electricity suffer a lot. Local businesses are affected, children are unable to study, the future seems bleak. But Pepsi is bringing light to these villages. Here is one such story.

If you too would like to be a part of this campaign, just post a selfie with eyes closed using the hashtag #EyesClosedForLight. For every picture received, Pepsi Pakistan will donate and help bring another village out of darkness.