While Karachites are eagerly awaiting the arrival of winter season, nature seems to have planned something else.

According to a weather report that is going viral on social media, the metropolis will be hit by scorching heat and high-temperature level this week.

According to Weather Updates Karachi, the sea breeze will be losing the intensity and weather is expected to remain hot in the city from 6th or 7th October.

Temperature can go as high as 39-degree Celsius for several days!

According to an update by Pakistan Metrological Department, continental air is prevailing over most part of the country. Mainly hot and dry weather is expected in most parts of the country.

The citizens are requested to keep themselves fully hydrated during the time to avoid getting sick due to the heat.  People are advised to stay indoors and avoid going out in the sun.

Well, winter where art thou? We are waiting for you!