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The use of dead chicken meat in food items, particularly in Shawarma, has come to light in Lahore. The Punjab Food Authority Director General, Muhammad Asim Javed, disclosed this unsettling information during an episode of ARY News Programme Sham-e-Ramzan.

According to Javed, recent operations conducted in Lahore led to the seizure of 80 kilograms of expired meat within the last two days alone. The situation escalated when a staggering 2500 kilograms of expired meat was confiscated from a renowned meat market near Mughulpura in a joint operation by the Punjab Food Authority and Food Department.

Seizure Operations Reveal Shocking Reality

This discovery underscores a serious problem plaguing the food industry in Lahore. Both meat reaching its full expiration date and meat sourced from dead animals have been intercepted, as highlighted by the Director General. He emphasized the severity of the issue by recalling an incident during the previous Ramadan when 1,000 kilograms of beef derived from dead animals was seized.

Dead chicken meat being used in Shawarma, Punjab Food Authority Director reveals – The Daily Ausaf Pakistan News
Source: Daily Ausuf

The Punjab Food Authority’s vigilance has been evident through their extensive operations. Over the past two months, they have conducted approximately 1800 raids resulting in the seizure of around 20,000 kilograms of expired or dead chicken meat. Additionally, within a span of two and a half months, a staggering 70,000 kilograms of expired or dead animal meat have been confiscated.

Extensive Raids and Confiscations

Javed stressed the proactive measures taken by the Punjab Food Authority to ensure the safety of meat consumed by citizens. Meat safety teams, comprising veterinary doctors and food safety officers, regularly conduct operations and surveys in markets across Lahore. Their primary objective remains the provision of hygienic and safe meat products to the populace.

The revelation of dead chicken meat being utilized in Shawarma and other food items is not just a matter of food safety but also raises ethical and health concerns. Consumers have the right to expect food that meets acceptable standards of hygiene and integrity. This incident underscores the importance of stringent regulations and robust enforcement mechanisms within the food industry to safeguard public health and trust.

It is necessary for authorities to intensify their efforts in monitoring and regulating the food supply chain to prevent such unhygienic and immoral practices from recurring. Only through collective diligence and stringent enforcement can the integrity of our food supply be preserved, ensuring the well-being of consumers across the nation.

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