Expected Price Of iPhone 15 Series In Pakistan With Taxes
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The iPhone 15 series, a highly anticipated successor to the iPhone 14, is set to make its grand entrance with four models: the standard version, a Plus model, and two more advanced pro models. As the world awaits the release, speculations and rumors have already begun to surface, leaving tech enthusiasts eager to discover the next big leap in Apple’s smartphone technology.

Introducing USB-C port

One of the significant rumors swirling around the iPhone 15 series is the potential switch from the traditional lightning port to the more universal USB-C port. This move could simplify charging and data transfer processes for users, but it might require new accessories for those accustomed to the lightning connector.

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Another interesting rumor pertains to the processor choice. While Apple has been developing its own chips for its devices, there’s speculation that the iPhone 15 series might feature Qualcomm chips instead. The reason behind this change is a possible delay in Apple’s in-house chip production, leading the company to opt for Qualcomm chips temporarily.

The Island feature 

In terms of camera and display upgrades, Apple has always been committed to enhancing user experience. The Dynamic Island feature, highly regarded in previous models, is expected to be retained, providing users with exceptional photo and video capabilities.

As the buzz around the features and specs continues to grow, many tech enthusiasts in Pakistan are particularly curious about the expected prices of the iPhone 15 series in the country. However, it is important to consider the impact of taxes and currency fluctuations on the final cost.

What price should we be expecting

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) levies taxes on smartphones based on their dollar value. Consequently, an increase in the dollar value of the phone leads to a higher PTA tax. Considering the recent tax reduction announcement by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for the iPhone 14 Pro models, the maximum PTA tax stands at approximately Rs131,000 for passport holders and Rs156,000 for CNIC users.

With the iPhone 15 series expected to come with a price hike of $100, the maximum PTA tax on these new models is projected to be around Rs150,000 for passport holders and Rs170,000 for CNIC holders. This estimation leads to a projected starting price of approximately Rs500,000 for the iPhone 15 in Pakistan.

It’s important to note that these are speculative figures and the actual prices may vary depending on the final specifications and tax regulations at the time of the iPhone 15 series launch in Pakistan.

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The iPhone 15 series is generating a great deal of excitement among tech enthusiasts worldwide. With possible improvements in design, features, and performance, Apple fans are eagerly anticipating its release. However, prospective buyers in Pakistan should be prepared for potential price fluctuations due to PTA taxes and currency exchange rates. Only time will reveal the true innovations and costs of the iPhone 15 series, and until then, the tech world remains on the edge of its seat.

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