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In the process of a job interview, where every word and gesture is scrutinized, it’s crucial to tread carefully. According to Nolan Church, former recruiter at Google and CEO of FairComp, there are several phrases that job seekers should steer clear of, as they can raise major red flags for interviewers.

False Humility vs. Authenticity

One such common misstep is the tendency to respond to questions about weaknesses with phrases like “I work too hard” or “I’m a perfectionist.” While these may seem innocuous, Church warns against their usage, deeming them as inauthentic and potentially damaging to one’s credibility. Rather than presenting oneself as flawless, it’s more effective to acknowledge areas of improvement by sharing past mistakes and demonstrating a commitment to growth.

The Seven Deadly Sins To Avoid When You Interview
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Avoid Blame-Shifting

Moreover, Church advises against any attempts to shift blame onto others. Criticizing former colleagues, managers, or companies reflects poorly on the individual, signaling a lack of accountability and maturity. Instead, taking ownership of past missteps demonstrates humility and a willingness to learn, qualities highly valued by prospective employers.

CNBC’s Interview Course

Another pitfall to avoid is the phrase “I don’t know.” In the context of an interview, this response can signal a lack of preparedness or an unwillingness to engage with challenges. Instead, job seekers should showcase problem-solving skills by offering hypothetical solutions or outlining a plan to address unfamiliar scenarios. Demonstrating initiative and adaptability can leave a positive impression on interviewers, showcasing one’s potential to thrive in dynamic work environments.

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Aspiring candidates seeking to navigate the interview process successfully can benefit from CNBC’s online course, “How to Ace Your Job Interview.” This comprehensive resource offers insights into the nuances of effective communication, body language techniques, and strategies for discussing compensation. By equipping themselves with these essential skills, job seekers can increase their chances of securing their dream job in 2024 and beyond.

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