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Coors Light allegedly copied the Evian France logo, and Evian France is not having it. You can see that through the savage response by the brand on Twitter.

Coors Light, a well-known beer brand, recently released a revamped look for its beer. Just last week, they unveiled a modern look for its packaging and assured the fanbase on Twitter that its still the “same mountain cold refreshment.” The brand’s new look has mountain iconography and red wordmarks at the base, and underlining the logo is gray text.

Evian France, a spring water brand, is also linked to the mountains. The brand goes as far as saying:

“We can’t take credit for our water: A long 15-year journey through the French Alps gives it naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals and that distinctive cool, crisp taste. We sustainably collect what nature gives us at the source so you can enjoy natural spring water anytime, anywhere.”

And as expected, they were not happy with Coor Light’s new identity. They took to twitter how they felt. The French brand for water said, “Beautiful!” But that was sarcastic, and you know it by the question that followed, “Should we send you our graphical guidelines next time?”

Someone’s pissed…

The fanbase of Evian France had a lot to say as well.

1. The ultimate fan

The ultimate fan who is always ready to riot. ‘We, the french, are gonna riot.’

It reminds me of the k-pop fandom, but I will keep my Korean inclinations to myself for now.

2. The sarcastic one

This fan drops all chills. Starting cutely, the fan makes a sharp turn and even goes as far as tagging Evian. Deep breath @Dimilis!

3. The political fan

Now now, no need to get all political. But I guess when you target someone, be ready for their fan attack as well. The political fan gets offended politically. He announces taking back Louisiana if Coors Light does not change the logo back.

4. The subtle sarcasm

The subtle sarcasm is always the best. I mean, imagine some saying, “Please sell this in France. It will be the best way to drink beer while everybody thinking it’s water😝.” Even I, with no french linkage, am laughing hard.”

Humor aside, it is not like the two bottles will be indiscernible if placed side by side. Fairly recently, Evian has also modified its look. They have removed almost all labels. The new bottles are colorless, do not contain the brand’s logo of the mountain, and are transparent. The singular trace on the bottle is the pink shade drawing the brand name.

So while it’s not hurting Evian’s business, it surely is hurting Evian’s sentiments. Anyway, when events like these happen with well-known brands copying each other, one can only wonder, are we down on creativity?

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