Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Soon after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan dropped their bombshell announcement about stepping down as senior royals, the Internet meme machine whirred into action.

News about the Duke and Duchess’ plans to “carve out a progressive new role”  in the Royal Family “institution” was met with both shock by some and hearty applause by others and the term ‘Megxit’ was coined.

Some were in the support of the Royals stepping down as the senior royals while there questioned if the two were in their right mind to come to a decision like that.

Anyway, social media is abuzz since the news was broken here’s the round-up of some of our top listed ones!

That’s the perfect rendition of the two leaving the ’dusty palace

It does take the cake 

We’re wondering what will the writers of Crown do? 

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And another one! 🤣😂#megxit #thecrown

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This made us chuckle. No joke! 

We’re totally loving these memes 

Hey, Queen. 

Wow, who knew? 

Could this get any better?

This is truly the best so far. We must applaud these ingenious posts. Bravo! 


The Queen or the terminator? 

While the latest news sparked a debate on social media, an interview with Daily Mail from 2017 which resurfaced, showed that Prince Harry had been over his royal duties, long before marrying Markle in 2018.

In the interview, Harry admitted to once considering giving up his title, saying:

I felt I wanted out, but then decided to stay in and work out a role for myself.

Right now, the entire world is anxious to see what may the future hold for these two.