Here’s some exciting news for all Pakistani music lovers! Coke Studio Season 15 has hit the screens since April 14th. This season brings you 11 original tracks celebrating the diversity of Pakistani culture, languages, and genres, all fueled by the nation’s deep love for music. The talent in this country truly runs deep.

Coke Studio, with its massive following of over 24 million subscribers and a staggering 5 billion views on digital platforms, has become a global phenomenon. Streaming across 180 countries, it’s not just a music show; it’s a cultural ambassador, breaking down barriers and nurturing a sense of unity within South Asia.

Check out the reveal video:

The stark visuals of bright colors and the phenomenal display of culture have won hearts across Asia.

Leading the charge is the powerhouse producer and curator, Zulfiqar (Xulfi) Jabbar Khan. An artist known for his magical touch in the industry. Each song in Season 15 is a testament to collaboration, blending unique artistry. And that’s not all, we suggest you brace yourselves for a visual feast!

This season promises captivating storytelling. And that’s only the courtesy of some of Pakistan’s finest directors. From the creative brilliance of Awais Gohar and Murtaza Niaz.

To the innovative vision of Jamal Rahman and Zain Peerzada, along with seasoned Coke Studio veterans Zeeshan Parwez and Kamal Khan, get ready for a cinematic journey like no other. Don’t miss out on this music fest!

In the true words of Xulfi himself, this year’s season focuses on the power of art and the power of music.

Coke Studio Season 15: First Release

The season, as promised, has already delivered its first masterpiece. As always, it is beyond expectations and top-tier.

Give it a listen, if you haven’t already:

Giving credit where it is due. Coke Studio deserves ovations for weaving together a conflicted mix of identities and cultures through music. With mesmerizing music and captivating visuals, this team is doing a beautiful job bringing light to the hidden traditions of South Asia.

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