Actor and writer Danyal Zafar is known best for his outstanding work ‘Teefa in Trouble’. This action rom-com was written by him and starred his brother, ‘Ali Zafar’ and generated over $1.6 million. Currently, Danny Zee is under the spotlight for something else. What could that be? A simple yet profound reveal of his long, and shiny locks.

Who is known for experimenting with his style and appearance, this contemporary artist has brought about yet another bold change that has taken over the internet. While some fan(girls) love the shoulder-length blowout, others are demanding an immediate chop!

Have a look:

This decision to grow out his hair might indicate more than what it seems on the surface. Growing out his hair resembles the progression found in his ever-evolving career. From blue to burgundy there seems to be no colour Zafar has left behind.

Check out the comments:

Danny Zee’s Hair History

Back in 2016, Danyal Zafar posted ” I was blue away ” with blue streaks all over his forehead. It turned out to be an absolute hit among fans with constant comparisons to stars like Ben Affleck and even Hollywood sweetheart Zayn Malik.

Danyal Zafar's Blue Away
Danyal Zafar experiments with blue

Later after sharing photos of his burgundy-colored mullet Danyal’s comments filled up with hate. After fans went over the line and began to insult him leading to actor Ali Zafar stepping in posting, “Now if you cut your hair and dye them black…..I’ll be very disappointed”. With that, Ali encouraged a stand against “stone age” concepts of masculinity. Resulting in many applauding his commitment to authenticity and his courage to maintain his individuality.

Danyal Zafar Claps Back

After hearing what almost everyone had to say, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter took it up with his fans. With more media showing off his locks, Zafar came out with a bold statement-making sure everyone understood his message. He wrote “2024 // listen to that inner voice // don’t let others dictate or influence ur life or decisions // do what feels right to you // your responsibility is to live up only to your own expectations // not the expectations others have for you. ”

It seems no opinions but his matter to him and that indeed is a perspective to applaud.

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